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Pat Truzzi

Gouache on Paper (Size: 6"x6")

Pat makes cool paintings with intriguing narratives depicted.  Check out the dog's mask in this piece!  She was a visiting artist at WSG Gallery during 2009 -10.  You may see some of her work in the archives of WSG's website at: .

Artists donating small works of art to benefit a big cause … helping Food Gatherers fight hunger where we live.


283 generous artists donated 452 small pieces of  art which raised over $19,000 to help Food Gatherers fight hunger where we live. Amazingly, Food Gatherers can distribute more than 76,000 pounds of food with this money.


 Be part of the Circle of Art. Donate a picture next year, support the artists who give so freely, and help Food Gatherers make a 
difference in our community.

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